Haymarket is a town in Prince William County, Virginia. Haymarket owes its location to the Iroquois as the center of the town was their hunting path. It was used until 1722, when a treaty forced the Iroquois into the Blue Ridge Mountain region. Due to the use of the area as hunting paths, the location, and later the town, was given the nickname The Crossroads.

From 1882 to today, much of central Haymarket has remained the same. The town borders U.S Route 15. While no schools are located with the town, the area is now home to 5 schools – all part of the Prince William County School System. In the 1970s during the construction of the Interstate System, Haymarket became Exit 40 of Interstate 66, giving way to the town’s movement away from a rural town, as well as its population boom. In the early 1990s The Walt Disney Company drafted plans to build a theme park near Haymarket, named Disney’s America. Due to opposition from various groups and other factors, the project was cancelled.

The median income for a household in Haymarket was $120,174 and the family median income was $117,708. Females had a median income of $52,102 while males’ median income was $79,861. The town’s per capita income was $39,887. 2.4% of families were under the poverty line, while 3.8% of the town’s population were below the poverty line.

source: wikipedia.org

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